Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is what went on in August around our house

Jeremiah and his friend Jayden!

Jeremiah loves to play with his best friend, Jayden! They are so cute when they get together!

Sleep over with cousins

Playing in Jeremiahs room

Yummy drink that daddy and uncle made us!
Messy messy faces! But oh so cute!

Can you guess what this is?

Some of you know, but others may not that early on in August we found out that Jeremiah is going to be a big brother! I am due April 6th! We are excited now that the shock has worn off. We are going to be busy, but I'm sure it will be very rewarding!

The weekend of Jeremiah's Birthday!

Jeremiah's birthday weekend was spent in Northern Washington at a competition! He had so much fun as well as all of us! There were 3 people there that we were celebrating birthdays for. Jeremiah, Akil and Deno. Jeremiah had long days for sure! Here he is going, going.................


He also got his first shiner this weekend! He was playing on the motor scooter that Aaron brought and he tripped and hit his eye on the part you put your feet. Poor little guy! It was a good one too!

It was a Hawaiian theme and the camp and person with the best set up and costume would win a prize......I bet you can't guess who won!
Yep, that would be my husband! He got so much attention and of course won the prize! It was a $50.00 gift card to some skate shop that I think is in Seattle somewhere! Way to go Hubby!
By the way, he made the coconut bra himself!! He cut the coconut in half and found a flower bra at the dollar store, cut out the middle & stapled it around the edge of the coconut! He is so creative!

Lance's Brother (above) and Mom got to come up from UT and watch Lance ride as well as spend Jeremiahs Birthday with us! It was so great to see them and spend time with them!

Someone gave the kids some chocolate cookies!
Future rider?

Beautiful sunset!

Jeremiah's Birthday Party!

We had a few of our friends and their kids come over to help us celebrate Jeremiah's birthday the day of his birthday. (We got back from the competition the day before his actual birthday.)

Jeremiahs friend Tristen.
We tried to get some pictures of Grandma Trudy and all the grand kids! It was quite the mission! :)
Jeremiah and his friends Jayden and Tristen.

Opening presents was fun, but he didn't stay interested too long. I posted the pictures of the things that caught his attention the most that night.

Thank you to Grandma Trudy for the baseball cake! I was just going to get one with blue flowers on it cause this one said something else. Grandma wouldn't have it and asked them to cover up the other message and put happy birthday on there instead! I have to admit, much better than blue flowers, but Jeremiah would have never known the difference.
He seemed disinterested at first,

But quickly changed his mind once he realized what it was and that it was yummy!
After that, he had no problem digging in!