Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer full of Camping, wakeboarding & wake skating!

Along with getting 1st place most all the time, Lance also became the hit with cooking most all our meals everytime!
Deno, Cheryl, & Mandy
The kids jumping on the practice trampoline
This is THE team Oly! (minus Deno) from lt to rt Sean, Aaron, Lance, Akil
The new team masscott.....and newest member of our family. Yes, Lance decided to bring home a free puppy someone was giving out at the grocery store! I bet you can't guess his name.......yep.......Oly! I have to admit that he is a cute little thing.......even though the last thing we needed right now was a puppy!

Cute Kianna riding one of the bikes we had there!
Kianna and Jayla found a little island to put their chairs on to watch the wakeboarding!
Team Oly.....well, mostly Lance became quite the hit with making and serving food to everyone!......& I mean EVERYONE, including the people we made friends with while being there! The biggest hit? Lances very own Mcgriddles. I don't know who's idea it was to try and make our own version of McDonalds Mcgriddles, but Lance has perfected them to a T! They are delicious! I can't believe I don't have one picture of them though!
Jeremiah with Daddy on the "pit scooter"! The scooter is our friend Aaron's. I couldn't believe that he could fit it in his van, but it really came in handy to go back and forth on from camp to the lake!
Jeremiah also loved riding it & playing on it!

Always making friends with all the dogs that were there!

Oops, accidentally doubled this pic

Notice Lance holding 3 trophies!

Here is Lance doing what is called a butt slide!

Lance is doing a trick called Shoot the duck. It is one that his buddy made up! Now it is Lances signature move!

The Oly Riders team and all their kids
Some of us sitting around the camp fire and watching videos on the big screen!

Ahmae' and Jeremiah cheering Daddy on!

Part of our camp. The part that you can't see is right next to me on my right is our truck with camper on it and a movie screen hanging off of it and a projecter to watch movies on! It was AWESOME! We had (well we always did) the best camp site set up!

Me & Ahmae'. I took this pic holding the camera out. Pretty good for taking it myself!
Lance getting ready to jump off the dock for his wakeboard run!

Lance getting ready in the dry suit. Super cool when it's cold out. You put this thing on over your clothes. (can be street clothes, sweats & sweat shirt etc) and it keeps you completely dry!

Jeremiah already practicing with a mini wakeboard handle! It is actually someones dog leash!

So, June,July & August were all pretty packed with camping and wakeboarding/wakeskating competitions! They were really fun and Lance ended up taking 1st place in the State Championship for wake skating and 2nd place in State for wakeboarding! Way to go hubby! He got invited to go to nationals in Califonia the first week of October, but the only way we can afford to have him go is if he can get sponsored and someone pay for him, so he has been working to find a sponsor to get him there and home! Jeremiah enjoyed the trips also, as well as the girls (when they were able to go) and the dogs too! We all had a good time, but I am sure glad the camping part is over! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE camping, but going almost every weekend has been kind of tough!
I have encluded a few pictures of every competition, so there is a lot, but they are fun! They are listed from most resent on the top, to the begining of June at the bottom of the pictures. The only ones that aren't on here are the very most recent ones from the last weekend in August, so I will have to post them when I download those pictures on my computer.