Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah will crawl any day now!

These pictures were taken last month, so he gets around much more now! He gets scooting and is faster than I give him credit for, so I can't leave him for too long! He loves his puppy, Bonnie, who I think is finally getting used to having competition for attention! :)

Cute Cousins!

This is Angelo, Tiffanies oldest. He sure loves his baby cousin! While I was pregnant, he would always ask me when his baby cousin was going to come out!

Fun with Friends!

Jeremiah has so much fun with his friends! The top four pictures are with Tristen. His mom is Sarah, who I work with. Tristen is exactly 10 weeks older than Jeremiah! That was fun being at work for some with two pregnant ladies!
The rest of the pictures are with his friend Jaden. His parents are our friends Mike and Sarah from our bowling leauge. Acutally Sarah is friends with Meisha (lances ex-wife) and we met her when we very first moved up here. We hadn't seen her for a few years, until we joined this bowling leauge and she was on it! He is also about 2 months older than Jeremiah.

From mad to glad!

Jeremiah is so funny! When he is upset he usually doesn't stay that way for long! All of these pictures are within seconds of eachother!