Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caught napping

I thought this was so cute the way Lance was napping with Jeremiah!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We were eating Oreo's and Ahmae' had the idea to have the race that they showed on the commercials, you know, who can be the first one to lick all the cream filling and then finish the cookie. Guess who won? Uh, that would be me by far! I don't think my jaw has ever had to do that much work! :) It was fun!

Snickers & pop already??

Jeremiah's first experience with candy bars and drinking from a cup! He enjoyed both very much! All right, all right, the candy bar isn't open and there is nothing in the cup, but he knows what he wants! :)

Jer Jer the clown!

This really sweet lady who banks with us made all of us girls a hat for Christmas! Will I ever wear it personally?......probably not. Do my kids love to wear it for dress up?.....absolutely! Lance thought it would be funny to put it on Jeremiah. He will want to burn these pictures when he grows up!