Friday, January 25, 2008

We sure had fun with Grandma here! We love you Grandma!

It was so great to have mom up here for a few days! We did absolutely nothing, except lay around the house and play games with the girls and hold Jeremiah. Oh we went to the boat launch the freezing cold (at least cold for us....I know you Utahans wouldn't think it was that cold), but lance and the girls wanted to go fishing on the lake, so mom & I got lunch ready, bundled up the boy in the stroller and went over to eat with them. No fish were caught that day, and the boat dock was actually flooded so there wasn't really a good place to hang out, so, lance took the girls for a quick run around the lake in the boat, then we came home. I love it when mom can come up and see us!.....even if we don't go do anything adventurous! Although maybe next time we will have to think of something fun to go do.....we really just need someone here who is good at making the decisions and us Edwards can tag along! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Cute is our little man?

We aren't camera happy at all! :) He loves bathtime & changing time. Speaking of which.....I better go give him a bath now. He has been pretty patient with me, sitting here next to me in his diaper, playing with his feet (his new favorite toys) and talking...saying "let's go mom, I'm ready!"

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas was fun!

Jeremiah had so much fun for his first Christmas! He loves his new toys and got pooped out just after opening his stocking and needed a power nap! We are so blessed to have such a good relationship with Marc & Meisha so that we can spend Christmas together & with the girls! And to also see their faces when they open their presents from Santa. We had such a great day!